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Quizzler Maker 5 Tutorial


To upgrade the free version of Quizzler Maker (limited to 10 questions) to the full unlimited version, you need to run Quizzler on your computer, and use the Register menu option there. Next, with the "device name" shown in that location, register here:

File Types

There are two types of files used by Quizzler Maker. When you create your own quiz, you begin with a ".TXT" file, which is a plain text file. Each time you save your quiz file, a ".PDB" file is automatically built to distribute to others. The .PDB file is encrypted for security, and can be viewed with the free version of Quizzler for desktop and handheld computers. You need the .TXT to edit a quiz and make changes to it.

File Locations

All quiz files need to be located within the My Quizzes folder so Quizzler and Quizzler Maker can find them. The My Quizzes folder, and SuperWaba folder that contains Quizzler Reader, are installed together, and they should stay together. If you are upgrading, simply copy all your old quizzes into the new My Quizzes folder. It is OK to create subfolders with My Quizzes.

Creating a New Quiz

To create a new quiz file, click the "New" button and give the file a name. Create flashcard style questions (instead of multiple choice) by only providing one answer to a question. When you are finished editing questions, click the "Quiz List" button.
After you create and save your quiz, you will find both a PDB and TXT file. You can select your PDB file and Preview it now. To do more editing, select the TXT file and click the Edit button.
When you are ready to try out the quiz interactively using Quizzler, you will need the .PDB file, located in the same folder as your .TXT quiz file. Give this .PDB file to other Quizzler users. To install on a handheld, select the PDB file and click the Install button.

Quiz Preview

Click the "Preview" button to view your quiz questions all at once with Quizzler Maker. You can even print the questions on paper this way for "old fashioned" quiz taking.

Importing Questions

If you have lots of questions you want to import from other sources, there is an easier way to create a Quizzler quiz, rather than editing the questions one by one. Go ahead and create a quiz with just a couple questions using Quizzler Maker, save it, and then open the plain text file with a word processor. Just copy/paste your new questions right into the text file and reformat in the Quizzler style (use the existing questions as your model). When you're done, go back to Quizzler Maker and open the TXT file; a new PDB file will be automatically created.

Commercial Quizzes

When opening a commercial quiz, some features are disabled in order to protect the intellectual property of the quiz author. You can't edit the questions, but you can enter Preview mode if you have the key code for the commercial quiz.

More Help

Hover the mouse over buttons to get online help. Please visit our web site at www.quizzlerpro.com and click "Support" for more technical information about Quizzler. We will respond quickly to your email questions, too.