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Quizzler 5 New Features

Version 5 of Quizzler has been completely rewritten, and now supports certain HTML tags within the quiz, allowing for lots of nice features such as formatted text, symbols, tables, and embedded pictures This document discusses those new features that require version 5 or later (some of these features were introduced in version 5.01).

To take advantage of these new HTML tags, you need to type them directly into your quiz question or answers. For example, the <BR> tag inserts a line break, so your quiz question might look like this:

This is a question that takes two lines.<BR>This is the second line.

Here is a screen shot of Quizzler Maker editing a quiz question containing some HTML tags.

Supported Tags

We encourage you to experiment with various HTML tags. You will find some are supported, and some are not. The following is a list of some tags that we have tested.

<br> Insert a line break
<b></b> Make text between tags bold. Ex: <B>this is bold</B>
<strong></strong> Same as <b>
<font color="nnnnnn"></font> Color the text. The numbers specify the red (first 2 digits), green (3rd and 4th digits), and and blue components (last 2 digits) in hexidecimal. For example, this will make the text bright red: <font color="#FF0000">red text</font>
<u></u> Underline text between tags
<sup></sup> Superscript the text between tags, like when squaring a number
<sub></sub> Subscript the text between tags, like in a chemcial formula.
Tables There are several tags needed to create tables, and as long as your table is not too complex, Quizzler will support it. Consult an HTML reference for details.
Special Characters Some special symbols are supported. Your results may vary depending on the fonts installed on your system. Check this list for some symbols that should work for you.



Using HTML tags inside your quiz, you have great flexibility with pictures. They can be inside the question and the answers. Here is a screen shot of pictures used inside a question (the symbols in answers b and c are done with little pictures). The example we gave earlier of using HTML tags is the source for this picture quiz so you can see how it was done. The files "question3.jpg", "answer3b.jpg", and "question3c.jpg" must be located in the same folder as the quiz.

If you create a quiz and link a picture to it using the Picture button in Quizzler Maker, that picture will be displayed at the bottom of the quiz.

Picture files must be in the JPEG file format (we may support GIF in the future). Pictures can be any size on the screen as long as the file size is under 64KBytes.


Some special symbols are supported. Your results may vary depending on the fonts installed on your system. In general the symbols with lower ASCII values will work.

&copy; copyright
&pound; british pound
&cent; cents
&micro; micro
&plusmn; plus-minus