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Help With Quizzler Products

Question: What is a "Doc" file? Is that a Microsoft Word file?

Quizzler Pro can import from Palm Doc files. A Palm Doc file is a special type of Palm database file that can contain lots of text. The nice thing about this is you can use a word processor on your desktop computer to type in very large quiz files, then use one of many third party Doc converter program to put that file into "Doc" format. After you HotSync the Doc file, you can Import the file into Quizzler. This is much easier than breaking up a large quiz into several chunks, which you must do since the Memo Pad is limited to sizes of 4K or smaller.

Even though Microsoft Word on the desktop uses ".doc" at the end of filenames, a Palm Doc file is not the same.

Here are instructions on how to create a Palm Doc file

Question: I'm having difficulty importing a quiz. What's wrong?

Let's start simple. Try a small quiz, just a few lines, and import from the Memo Pad. Make sure your questions and answers do not exceed the length limits. The combined length of a question and all answers is limited to 512 characters; each answer is limited to 128 characters. When you get an error during import, the "Details" button can tell you which line is having a problem.

Question: I have Quizzler Pro and I'm trying to import a Doc file. I get garbled text when I look at the quiz, or it fails completely.

The Doc file you created might be in compressed format. Some Doc converters do this automatically, while others provide the option for compressed or uncompressed format. Quizzler Pro only imports uncompressed Doc files.

You can tell if the file is compressed by opening the Doc file on your desktop computer, using a program that allows you to open and view any type of file (Word will open any file type if you tell it you). A Doc file will contain some garbled characters only at the very beginning, followed by readable text. A compressed Doc file will contain non-readable garbled text throughout.

If you continue to have problems, send us your Doc file and we'll take a look at it.

It's best to import your first Doc file with a very short text quiz, so you can get the process down before trying a large quiz that might contain too-long questions or answers.

Question: Do you recommend any particular Doc file converters?

Customers have used pDocs and MakeDoc for Windows successfully, as well as Mac Palm Doc for Macintosh. Documents To Go does not work because it only creates compressed Doc files (currently, Quizzler can only import uncompressed Doc files).

Here are instructions on how to create a Palm Doc file with MakeDocW

Question: How can I import an existing quiz file and edit or add to it with Quizzler Maker?

You can do this as long as you have the original text file used to create the quiz. You just need to add the following line to the text file so that Quizzler Maker will recognize it (add this line after your header tags, and just before the first question):

# Questions begin below

After you have done this, you can select "Open Existing Quiz" from the File menu to edit the quiz.

Question: I installed a bunch of quizzes, but some of them don't show up in the Quiz List screen in Quizzler. Why not?

You probably installed some quizzes that require version 2 or later of Quizzler, and you have an earlier version. You can upgrade your copy of Quizzler here.

Question: How do I create a quiz with pictures?

You will need to go over the documentation on the Quizzler file format, and this tech note does into more detail about how to actually create the pictures.