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Quizzler Long File Format

There is an alternative way to create your quizzes which works better for larger quizzes. Rather than putting all the answers on one line, you can put each answer on its own line. A blank line at the end marks the end of the answers. The correct answer is marked by a line starting with an asterisk (“*”). In order to use this new file format, you need to use the “#longformat” tag at the top of your quiz. For example:

 #name Fruit Colors
 What color is an apple?
 What color is a lemon?

Now that the correct answer is not always listed at the beginning, you also have the option of specifying that the answers not be displayed in random order. The tag “#norandom” tells Quizzler to not randomize the order of the answers when the quiz is taken.

Even though each answer is displayed on its own line, you still need to make sure each answer does not contain the delimiter character (used when displaying the answers on the same line), since this is still used internally. Remember that the default delimiter character is the semicolon (“;”), and if your answers contain this character, you can specify some other character with the “#delimiter” tag.

While this new feature is being tested, we recommend that you exit Quizzler and reopen the application before importing a new quiz in the long format. Also, remember to end the quiz with a blank line.